The Magic Hitman

I went to a Morcheeba concert one work night. I went alone, hoping a guy from work would show up (I almost invited him, but didn’t). I like to move around shows, but while watching the second half, two men approached me. Both were tall, one blonde, the other Mexican. Big guys. The Blonde introduced himself by full name, Something Something Something III. He cut in close to me and pushed me to the right, hard, and I moved away from him.

Then he pointed to a guy, “Is that your dad?”

To which I replied, “No, my dad is cooler.”

Then he pushed me to the left, full on hard on the whole time, and said, “We’re going to kick you down the stairs.”

And then the Mexican guy says, “Don’t worry, we’ll pick you up.” with a flashlight in his hand.

Then they left. But I followed and I saw them get into a short white limo and leave right away.

This was a couple of months before I went MISSING.

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